Westsyde Growth Beyond 2010

During the last year’s meeting at the Westsyde Senior Secondary School forum with School District 73 senior management and trustees on the possible reconfiguration of the school a member of the City Development Cost Charge Advisory Committee indicated that Westsyde had between 7 – 900 available serviced residential lots for development, with another 500 in the pipeline. Currently a new shopping centre is under development, with an adjacent 46-unit three-bedroom townhouse project between Westsyde Road and Bank Road. Just down the road is another 13 unit similar project located on the old Anglican Church site. In the last five years, Westsyde has already seen considerable growth, with more significant projects in 2010 and the years ahead.

The Westsyde Community Development Society has since 2001 grown along with the neighbourhood. The registered non-for-profit society has been instrumental in partnering with the City of Kamloops and others to enhance the recreational facilities and amenities for residents of Westsyde, primarily youth. In 2009 the next major improvement was made to the Westsyde Pool, with the addition of a new $50,000 family and handicap change room. Considerable other operational improvements were made as well. The final project at this facility is the $100,000 steam and sauna rooms, slated for inclusion in the City’s 2010/11 Capital Budget Requests. The society has attended many meetings with both Parks Recreation and Culture staff and City Council to have these projects considered and finalized.

We have just finished our participation in the City budget process for 2009/10 and were successful in receiving approval for a $25,000 capital expenditure, which will see a new Centennial Dog Park. This has been a two-year process involving Westsyde resident participation, planning and involvement. Our next longer-term project for Centennial Park is a water park. We are currently fund raising for the first $100,000 phase, that of construction for the heated washrooms and change rooms, which will be open during the winter ice rink use. We continue to host and support various other Westsyde functions including the annual Halloween fireworks display, monthly meat draws at the Westsyder Pub, together with Pub dinners and are planning our Spring Dance on April 10th at the St John Vianney Catholic Church auditorium at 2826 Bank Road. Call me at 250.579.0193 if you want any of the $15.00 tickets. Last fall we held our first ever sold out and successful Craft Fair at the Westsyde Fellowship Church. All these efforts and the funds collected provide both operational dollars and funds for community projects. We publish the Westsyde Pride newsletter several times during the year, which is delivered to over 4000 homes in both Westsyde and Bachelor Heights. We have now developed a web site with the assistance of Vice President, Steve Delaney, which is at http://wcds.westsyde.info/.

If you are passionate about the place where you live and would like to participate we always extend an invitation for others to join us at our regular meetings usually held on the first Thursday of every month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m. in the basement boardroom of the Cedar Dental Clinic at 3122 Westsyde Road.
Come and join us or call me at 250.579.0193.

Robert Kelly
President WCDS


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