Presidents’ Report – Year in Review 2012/13

June 7, 2012 at our last AGM  8 positions were filled for our 2012/2013 year. Diane Kuchma officially takes on the position of President.  

Our year in review:

September saw W.C.D.S. hosting an unveiling of a Westsyde Centennial Plaque in honor of the original Centennial Park Association officiated by Mayor Peter Milobar. He also unveiled a Ralph Clearwater commemorative sign dedicating the Sports Box to his memory. There were 4 generations of his family in attendance. 

October, our Treasurer Karen kicked into high gear with an audit of the books  planned and changing the year end to August 31, along with putting a budget into place for our upcoming year.

A decision was made to put our heavy fold-down tables for sale on Kijiji and replace them with lighter plastic ones. Most of our wooden tables sold but thanks to Steve for 3 days of hard work cutting down a number of them to be more usable. We purchased 3 new fold down plastic tables.

October 21 a fundraiser Steak Dinner was held at the Westsyder. Only 65 tickets sold – profit $518.47 of which $500.00 was donated to the fireworks display.

A big thank you to Jacki Andersen for organizing our Craft Fair for Nov.10. It was a sold out event with a profit of $2004.10- hugely successful!!

December 6 meeting we voted to make Kim McKay an official Director at Large.

Sunday January 20 we held our Winter Carnival at the Westsyde Pool Activity Centre. There was a great turnout of our members and a very good reception by all the young participants. Hot dogs, drinks & cake were served along with some great fun games with prizes. The city staff  were not well organized and that was later addressed.


Robert Kelly organized a Community Forum and W.C.D.S. hosted along with the City . There were 4 key topics presented by knowledgable speakers. The turnout was disappointing for such a great presentation.

W.C.D.S. hosted a Steak Dinner fundraiser with a Comedian/ Magician at the Westsyder. It was a sell – out and we made a profit of $1446.10.

Community Garage sale was held April 27. Thanks to Jacki & Lucie for posters and advertising. We made a profit of $346.84 after expenses with a very busy BBQ.

Our Amazing Race was held May 4 & 5. Corinna did a fantastic job again with a great crew to ease her load. Wrap up is yet to be completed but plans are already underway to improve for next year.

Westsyde is eternally grateful to Steve for his great effort to produce the Pride on a monthly basis. This involves putting together articles and designing ads all with deadlines involved. It has become too much so after a year of trial we discussed making it into the Westsyde News with articles and our events but no advertisers. The paper would be photocopied and distributed through local businesses 4- 5 times a year with approval at meeting. A load off your shoulders Steve because we want to keep you around!

Thank you Corinna for booking the Activity Room- it is a great public location to hold our meetings.

Ted has continued to orchestrate the monthly Meat Draw. The Sept to April profit  is $920.00. We are truly grateful to you & Evelyn.

Kim Babcock along with Kim McKay have been great promoters of W.C.D.S. Our memberships have never been so amazing. Year’s total is $920.00

Robert- a big thank you for all you do- which is a lot! You are a great liaison with the city, you have collected for Pride, and you fill in for my weaknesses so make my job much easier.
We are strong together and have accomplished so much! What a great group of hard working , dedicated Westsyders! I am so proud to be among you and just wait- we are not done yet!!

                                                          Diane- your Humble President

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