Presidents’ Report – Year in Review 2010/11

The Westsyde Community Development Society continues to meet the objectives of its 2001 incorporation as a not-for-profit society under the provincially legislated Society Act, “to foster, promote, advance, and improve the recreational sports, athletics and education, particularly for youth and to encourage strong and lasting fellowships and goodwill among its members and the residents of the Westsyde community.”

Like all groups, two of the continuing challenges remain attracting and maintaining membership, and volunteers from which to form the nucleus of an executive to direct the organization to achieve it’s goals and objectives.  We have been again fortunate this season to have had a group of both continuing and new executive members to achieve these endeavours.  They are to be congratulated for planning, organizing and undertaking the following:

  1. Monthly meat draws and 50/50 events with our partner, the Westsyder Pub, organized by Ted Erickson and the Steak Dinners organized by Diane Kuchma
  2. Website designed, (wcds.westsyde.info) and maintained with much other technical advice and ideas coordinated by Steve Delaney
  3. April Spring dance last year at the St John Vianney Church Hall with music by The Well Hungarians
  4. Attendance and representation at various City budget, recreation, park planning and association meetings to promote Westsyde improvements
  5. Support and provide financial assistance for the annual Westsyde, Halloween fireworks display coordinated by Everett Bostock
  6. Support and promote the new Water Park in Centennial Park
  7. Promote and support the final stage of the Hot Tub project in Westsyde Pool with the installation in the summer of 2011 of the sauna and steam rooms
  8. Publish at least four times annually, with other special additions the Westsyde Pride circulated to 5000 homes in Batchelor Heights, and Westsyde supervised by our Editor, Jacki Andersen
  9. Supported the promotion, and eventual installation of the Dog Park in Centennial Park coordinated by Angela Mattson
  10. Held the 2nd Annual Craft Fair at Westsyde Fellowship Church in November, as a fundraiser, with a waiting list of participants coordinated by Jacki Andersen
  11. At the Westsyder Pub in April 2011 held a “sold out” dinner and entertainment fundraiser with the comedy group “Funny Bunnies” coordinated by Diane Kuchma
  12. Our new Events Coordinator, Corrinna Douglas coordinated our first ever, very successful Absolute Amazing Race
  13. The WCDS sponsored a free swim on January 23rd with free hot dogs, chips and juice boxes coordinated by Lucie Bourgeois, and Sigrid Wilcox which had excellent attendance and participation from the community
  14. Executive members attended the annual Christmas Dinner and Windup BBQ
  15. WCDS continued to receive coverage in the media about events and activities sponsored by the society
  16. The society purchased a number of tables this year and acquired others for use in future events
  17. The society continues to hold monthly meetings in the basement, boardroom of the Cedar Dental Clinic with the kind support of Brad Labrecque


The society continues to deal with challenges, such as the high cost of liability and directors insurance and the need to attract and maintain executive positions, such as the need for a secretary.  It continues however to act as envisioned in its original constitution and bylaws, acting as a model for similar groups in other city neighbourhoods.

Robert Kelly
WCDS President

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