WCDSWestsyde Community Development Society’s
History of Project Involvement


Incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Society May 2001, under the British Columbia Society Act.

Mission Statement:
Committed to promoting, encouraging, improving and perpetuating among the community of Westsyde an interest in recreational, sports, athletics, physical fitness and education, particularly for youth, as well as promoting and encouraging the affiliation and cooperation of the society with other groups, and organizations for the benefit of the community.

  1. Planned, funded and organized Westsyde Days in Centennial Park 2001 - 2006 with a budget annually of $12,000.

  2.  Promoted improvements to Westsyde Pool and Activity Centre.  Contributed $22,000 for new exercise equipment at the Activity Centre 2006.

  3. Planned, promoted annual Mother’s Day Spring Fair at Westsyde Mall 2006 – 2008.

  4. Promoted installation of Hot Tub, Sauna and Steam Rooms at Westsyde Pool, with installation of Hot Tub in the summer 2008.

  5. Contributed $2000 in 2005 for playground equipment in Rainbow Park.

  6. Contributed $20,000 for new and replacement of old playground equipment in Centennial Park – 2008.

  7. Renovated one of the tennis courts in Centennial Park for use as a basketball court and contributed $12,000 – 2008/09.

  8. Conducted annual Winter Carnival activities for children 2009-2012.

  9. Encouraged the City of Kamloops to install new park signage for Centennial Park, both at the park and on Westsyde Road and was installed in 2008.

  10. Supported and promoted the first annual Westsyde Triathlon in 2009.

  11. Supported and promoted the planning, funding and installation of a dog park within Centennial Park – 2009/10.

  12. Planned, conducted funding and coordination of the $116,000 Phase-1 Building at Centennial Park which houses heated change rooms and pump controls for the spray park and ice rink, and contains storage for supplies and maintenance.

  13. Planning, funding and coordination of a Master Plan, update for Centennial Park for the installation of the Spray Water Park 2009/15. Grand opening held May 2016

  14. Maintain the outdoor ice rink at the Ralph Clearwaters Multiplex in Centennial Park


Some other things about the society,

  1. Publish the Westsyde Newsletter and own the http://westsyde.info domain.

  2. Supported, promote and fundraise for the annual Turtle Mountain, Westsyde Halloween Fireworks display 2005-15.

  3. Purchase annual society directors insurance, with errors and omissions to protect the activities and actions of both directors and all of our volunteers who help in society sponsored events and activities.

  4. Focal point and conduit for public/resident and community issues including; closure of Westsyde Secondary School, Dieting of Westsyde Road, Crime and security related issues, Turtle Mountain activities, Pool closure, traffic flow.

  5. Promote and conduct various fundraising Community Dances, Dinner Shows, Rummage Sales, and exciting events to bring our community out and together (like Westsyde’s Annual Yardsale Day – 1st Saturday in May).

Steve Delaney
WCDS President

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