Westsyde Pool Sauna & Steam Room Opening Ceremony

Saturday, September 30 saw us all gathered at the Westsyde Pool for the grand opening of the new Sauna and Steam Rooms. This partnered event with the City of Kamloops and the Westsyde Community Development Society saw the culmination of eight years of effort. There were balloons, face painting, vanilla and chocolate cake, with coffee and juice drinks for the kids. Tours were provided of the activity room, and the new facilities with about 75 participants taking advantage of the free swim in the pool.

The opening ceremony dignitaries include; Mayor Peter Milobar, his wife Lianne, Councillor Pat Wallace, Parks and Recreation Director Byron McCorkell, Aquatics Program Supervisor, Glen Cheetham and WCDS Executive member Steve Delaney. At 1:45 p.m. we gathered near the hot tub, which was opened at a similar ceremony in July 2008 and after some remarks by the Mayor Milobar and Steve Delaney the ribbon was cut to the cheers and clapping of us all.

The addition of the sauna and steam rooms together with the other improvements, over the years have made to the Westsyde Pool and Activity Centre a vital community facility. Usage at the centre has increase dramatically. It was not to long ago that the city’s long-range plan was to close the Westsyde Pool along with other similar venues in the city. The City of Kamloops staff and City Council have justified the local community initiative by investing considerable funding, time and staffing levels to improve programming, activities, events and multiple usage of this facility. The Westsyde Community Development Society, supported by the residents who live in Westsyde are happy to have been a part of this successful process


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