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The Westsyde Community Development Society (WCDS) was incorporated as a not-for-profit society under the Society Act in May 2001 by a group of Westsyde neighbourhood residents.  Their aim was “to foster, promote, encourage, and improve recreational sports, athletics and education; and to promote and encourage strong and lasting fellowships and good will among its member of the (Westsyde) community,” particularly its youth.  The society’s registered Constitution and Bylaws reflect these objectives.

Annually the society executive, and its members meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month, ten months a year, (excluding July and August) to plan fundraising opportunities and organize events that enhance the live of residents in Westsyde. 

As a local oriented volunteer group, over the years we have become a resource for community concerns from community policing to traffic flow. We have been recognized as one of its premier community groups in the city and are often sought after for advice and suggestions from other community associations.

Being a volunteer run non-profit society,
                                ...help is always appreciated.




Meetings & Members

Westsyde Community Development Society WCDS

Next Meeting Date:

April 7th , 2016

(Friday, due to pool meeting)

Westsyde Neighbourhood Centre
at 3550 Westsyde Road
at 7:00pm

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month
(10 times a year from Sept. to June)


(Westsyde Residents)
Always looking for more community involvement:

Become a member.

or just come and meet us, tell us your idea or area of concern, make a suggestion, donate time or better yet funds, or just help out, etcetera, etc.

“Together we're better”


Board 2015/2016

This year's executive:

  • President - Steve Delaney (250) 579 9636
  • Vice-President - Kim MacKay
  • Secretary - Arlene Grineau
  • Treasurer - Karen Kelly
  • Membership Coordinator - Monica Chan
  • Directors at Large:
    • Director at Large - Diane Kuchma
    • Director at Large - Ted Erickson
    • Director at Large - Gerri Denbigh
    • Director at Large - Mike Youds


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What's next?

May 7th is Westsyde's Community Yard Sale

-Lots available
-Home-based Businesses
Contact: Diane

Or just have your own!




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